TiMidity++ Windows Synthesizer

TWSTYNTH is an extended version of TiMidity++.

What's TiMidity++

TiMidity++ is an excellent Midi WAV converter & Midi player(see Richard Sanders' site) 

<player & converter features>

  Yes!  Converts MIDI files to various audio file formats(ex. wav, au, etc.).
  Yes! NetWorking ( Plays MIDI files over a network)
  Yes! Various formats ( only SMF files but also MOD, RCP/R36/G18/G36)
  Yes!  Can display a sound spectrogram
  Yes!  Can handle 32 channel data
<sythsizer engine features>
  No! No external MIDI instruments to play MIDI
  Yes! Soundfont Compatibele! ( Uses GUS/patch and SoundFont for voice data).
  Yes! GM GS XG !!
        Automatically detects the mode of a MIDI file (GM/GS/XG)
        Automatically detects drum channels (GS/XG)
 Supported Midi events are:
    NoteOn/Off, KeyPressure, Program, ChannelPressure, Pitchwheel,
    ToneBank, ModulationWheel, MainVolume, Panning, Expression,
    Sustain, Portamento, DataEntry, ReverbEffect, ChorusEffect,
    RPN+/-, NRPN, RPN, AllSoundsOff, ResetControllers, AllNotesOff,
    Mono/Poly Part, RandomPan, KeyShift,
    TempoChange, Lyric, InsertText, KARAOKE-Part(@KMIDI),
    MasterVolume, MIDI-Reset, SystemExclusiveMessages


   TWSYNTH is a TiMidity++'s synthesizer engine which has Windows Midi Input feature.
   Use it with an Midi loopback device, it works like a Windows Midi Output device.
   So all softs with Midi Output feture can acess TiMIdity++ synthesizer engine!!
   Enjoy !! exellent TiMidity++ MIDI sound!!

Waht's MIDI Loopback device

   Access MIDI-OX site, You can freely obtain one(MIDI York).

Installing and Using TWSYNTH

Insallation Guide

How to use

skeishi's web site(japanese)

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